October 2022 Meeting: Past Presidents Night with Understanding TM-30 and Applying TM-30 to Achieve Color Quality Goals in the Application Space (AIA Registered)

October Section Meeting – Past President Night with Understanding TM-30 and Applying TM-30 to Achieve Color Quality Goals in the Application Space (AIA Registered)

We’re looking forward to kicking off our IES 2022/2021 year of events with our traditional Past Presidents Night!  If you’re not yet an IES member, this evening is a great opportunity to meet many of the colorful personalities that make IES Milwaukee the great organization that it is.  And if you’re not a past president (yet), it’s a chance to hear what board service for IES Milwaukee is all about.


As LED technology continues to advance, the possibility to provide improved color quality performance and value to the application space has never been greater. This presentation will review the most popular color quality and performance quantification method (CRI) along with and in-depth review of the current metrics incorporated in the latest version of IES TM-30 (IES TM-30-20).  Examples illustrating the numeric and graphical methods for describing color quality performance will be reviewed, along with examples of how the resulting data could be incorporated in the lighting design and application space.    HSW Justification

Within the lighting design space, the topic of “Lighting for Health and Wellbeing” has never been more popular.  As practitioners and specifiers continue to incorporate methods that address the objectives of healthier illuminated environments, the need for accurate and predictive color quality performance data has never been greater.  The data derived from TM-30 methods will allow individuals, within the lighting design profession to, more accurately, meet the lighting design criteria.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course:

  • Participants will understand the basics of the most popular color quality metric (CRI) and its many shortcomings.
  • Participants will understand the many advantages the TM-30 method provides, with respect to more complete color data composition.
  • Participants with understand the various TM-30 reporting metrics and report formats.

Participants will appreciate the advantages TM-30 provide when striving to create lighting designs that meet the critical color quality objectives, including those associated with healthier and safer architectural environments.


Eric Haugaard currently holds a position in National Business Development with Copper Lighting Solutions.  Prior to joining Cooper, Eric was the Director of Development Engineering and Program Management with Cree Lighting, along with a previous role as Director of Product Technology.  His career of 35 years includes a variety of positions primarily focused on advanced lighting systems development.  Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, with Post-Baccalaureate Program studies completed at NASA/Ames Research Center. He holds 48 US and 16 foreign patents related to lighting technology.

Event Schedule

5:30 Happy Hour

6:15 Dinner


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RSVP deadline is NOON on Monday, October 17th, 2020.