Illumination Awards Dinner – Sponsorship Registration

Illumination Awards Dinner

Your sponsorship to IES Milwaukee Chapter 38 contributes towards sustaining our mission’s efforts to engage our industry with educational and social opportunities to support our lighting community. Each year, we strive to plan meeting that are mindful to current trends, challenge practiced concepts and provide deep dives into technical topics. We also strive to find unique venues, educated professional speakers, assortment of menu options that are allergy-friendly and, or course, fun environments to enjoy each meeting to it’s fullest. Your contribution funds these efforts, allowing our range of possibilities to continuously grow and support our dedicated community of volunteers who make it all possible.

As it’s always been, IES MKE 38 is a successful chapter because of everyone’s efforts in our community. We are grateful and thankful for everyone who contributes to our cause.


  • $250 Sponsorship (Includes 2 seats at the IA Dinner)
  • Sponsorship limited to 1 spot per company 
  • Any person or company may sponsor

Fill in names of people who will attend the dinner below, or email Kailey Lietzke ( by 4/10/2020



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