2017 LC Exam Study Group

The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) Lighting Certified accreditation exam is administered annually. This year’s exam takes place on November 4, 2017. IES Milwaukee is offering an opportunity for exam applicants to meet up with others who have an interest in forming a local study group.

IES Milwaukee is not leading the study group, nor providing or teaching content for any study sessions.  This offer is for LC Exam applicants who may not already have a study buddy, or are interested in meeting other applicants and forming a self-directed study group.

If you’re planning to take the exam, please fill in the form below and let us know of your interest in being part of this type of informal study group.  IES Milwaukee Education Chairpersons Laurel Sangerman and Kailey Lietzke will reach out to those interested and coordinate an initial meet-and-greet session. All the work after that is up to the study group participants.


There is no monetary cost associated with participating in the local IES study group.

The cost of taking the NCQLP LC Exam is identified as part of the NCQLP exam materials. For information on the LC Exam, visit www.ncqlp.org

If you’re interested in a more formal study group, there is one offered by IESNA National. The cost of participating in that study group is identified on their website. For more information on that study group visit www.ies.org/education/lc-study-group/

The study group meet and greet will be from 6-8pm on August 30th at HGA Architects. For building access the day of the meet and greet, call 414-278-3484 or 262-989-5295.

You don’t need to participate in any study group to take the LC Exam, but if you’re interested in a local, self-directed study group opportunity please fill in the form below today!